Monday, August 03, 2009

Driving Miss Debi - an Ode to my Mama

Every Saturday I have a date with my Mom. Well sometimes it is Sundays. Then there are the weeks it doesn't happen. But you get the point. Although our dates tend to be routine, we always have a good time. The routine is breakfast and shopping. We have been going to the same breakfast place for YEARS.* They don't know our names but they know our orders. All 8 waitresses. The shopping is usually grocery shopping, but sometimes we get wild and go to Target. Then, of course, there is the garage/yard saleing. Is that even a word?

The other thing that is routine about our time together is that it is always a blast. We are constantly giggling, making jokes and having a good time. Here are just a few examples:

-One time I made my Mom pick up two bottles on the side of the road just so we could get the cap for a contest. And by "made" her, I merely suggested it and she was opening the door and reaching for them. Yep, we're a team.

-One time we went around and took pictures of every bank's sign in the neighborhood as B had told me the day before that I could not name more than 5 banks in the area. After receiving multiple texts with pictures, B declared the game "already over" and that he had already won. My mom and I laughed for 20 minutes straight.

Then there are the insane conversations and observations like last week when we had this exchange:

After we got into the car, I said "oh" and immediately burst out laughing and continued to laugh until tears streamed down my face. My mom could not figure out what was so funny, but she started laughing too and then I finally whispered:

Me: I just looked at that guy and wondered why he was carrying his ventriloquist dummy.
Mom: What?
Me: Don't worry, it was just his girlfriend.
Mom: WHAT?
Mom: He was carrying his girlfriend?
Me: No. He had his arm around her.
Mom: Oh. Yep. That is funny.

Who else would get what I was talking about? Maybe someone that followed that conversation with this one:

Mom: I hate when the skin behind my eye itches.
Me: BEHIND your eye?
Mom: You know what I mean.
Me: That reminds me, I know a guy with a little hand.

And then the laughing started all over again...

Mom is also fun on road trips. Recently we went on a road trip to visit some relatives. More on THAT later. Seriously, who else will model the biggest most god-awful sunglasses for you while you snap photos in the middle of a crowded store? Mom, of course.

The last two are my favorites. I love that little smirk. If you are thinking, man these photos are blurry. You are right! I was just laughing too hard for a steady hand.

One last convo:

Mom: I don't think there is a sign preventing you from turning right on red here.
Me: No, but I am thinking all of the traffic coming at us doing 50 might be a problem.

So, while I am quite late on this, as I am with all my posts, I would like to wish my Mom, Debi, a belated Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom! Now let's go eat cake.

Or take some pictures of them for Cake Wrecks.

*We found a new place and it is bigger and brighter and cheaper. And they already know my Mom's order. Loyalty shmoyalty. We outta there former breakfast place!

6 important things being said:

Anonymous said...

Wow it looks like you two have so much fun together!!!

DogAteMyFinances said...

That sounds fantastic! Maybe I should try setting up a date with my Mom.

*~Dani~* said...

reeders - we have tons of fun :) Glad it shows.

Dog - You should do that ASAP. Nothing will make you feel better than a date with your Mom. Really :)

Jennifer said...

OMG. I am cracking up. Those sunnies are too much!

j'lynn said...

I see where you get your sense of humor! ;)

Happy Belated B-Day Dani's Mom!!! ;D

*~Dani~* said...

Jennifer - aren't they hilarious? We were laughing so hard. We tried to get my cousin's daughter involved but she was not having any of it.

jlynn - I definitely get humor from my Mom. Although my Dad and brother crack me up too :)

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