Sunday, August 02, 2009

Who Am I to Ignore Awards and Accolades?

Two lovely readers of this little ol' blog decided that they wanted to bestow awards on me. I would be an ungrateful lady if I did not share them with you and thank them properly. My mom brought me up right. Or my dad. Or the milkman. Whatever.

The first award, the Best Blog Award, is from Blaez over at These Are the Days of One Gemini.

Blaez says that I crack her up and I hope that she means that I am funny and not that I drive her nuts. Look how pretty that award is. You know what would make it even prettier? If I had a nice laptop that matched it. Preferably a Mac Book. Are you listening universe? K, thanks.

You should check out Blaez's blog for these reasons (1) it is pretty. Really - pink writing on black background? Love. And (2) she is currently planning a wedding which you know will make for some interesting blogging!

The next two awards are from Debbie of Starting My Life at 35. Yes, she gave me two awards. She loves me that much. You know who I love? Debbie. She gave me two awards.

Debbie thinks my blog is lovely AND a great read. Why thank you Debbie. I think Debbie has mad painting skills and love that she hates ants as much as I do!

Now it is my turn to pass these awards along. And here is where I am going to cheat and say everyone on my blogroll gets an award. I love them all or I wouldn't read them. They are all winners in my book. Or on my blog. Or in my head. Whatever.

Check them out folks. They keep me coming back for more!

5 important things being said:

DogAteMyFinances said...

You crack me up too!

Living Dees Life said...

i love your blog too and i think its adorable :) and you always make me laugh soooo much!

j'lynn said...

CONGRATS!! :) You crack everyone and elsewhere!

Andhari said...

Congrats, you deserve all these, your blog is loveeeely!:)

*~Dani~* said...

Dog - thank you very much and, again, I hope that is in a funny way and not I am making you insane. Congrats again on being debt free!!

Blaez - thanks girl!

jlynn - thanks! that is why you are my friend. you like to give many compliments.

andhari = thanks girl! You deserve awards too (although I am sure you have recieved plenty)

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