Monday, August 10, 2009

Then the Rabbit Stole My Sunshine!

Rabbits are cute right? You see one in your yard and you are all "oh look! We have a rabbit! It is so darling" and then you take pictures and marvel how wondrous mother nature is. I mean, look at that thing:

He looks just like a Cadbury chocolate rabbit. All cute and stuff. Don't be fooled. That rabbit is a mean son of a bitch. Look:

Pretty brutal, right? Even more brutal when he picked the ONE plant that I really, really loved. The one plant that B bought just for me and planted just for me. He surprised me one day and came home with the seeds. We have been watching it grow for months now:

Any ideas yet?

Getting warmer?

Why, yes, it is some sunshine coming my way:

And then it bloomed and it made me smile:

How could you not smile when looking at this sunshine?

Yet, today I woke up to this:

There was even a second flower! There was a huge storm last night and it knocked my sunshine over. However, I am convinced she would have stood tall, like her two counterparts if not for the evil rabbit.*

RIP Sunshine. I will miss you.

*We were blaming the squirrels too, but that is for another person. Mother nature is downright EVIL in these parts!

**PS - can someone tell me if ants are bad for sunflowers too? I have the Animal-Dont-Eat-This-Spray and wondered it I also needed the Ants-Get-the-F-Off-My-Flower-Spray too or if they are harmless, although annoying?

10 important things being said:

Patricia said...

EVIL rabbit indeed. They look all cute and cuddly but they are pure evil!

Sorry the rabbit stole your sunshine :(

Jennifer said...

What a mean bunny!!!!!! I would have been so sad to see that plant all tipped over in the driveway. Maybe you could try to tape it back together? It will not heal it, but at least than you will show it that you are sorry for what happened.

Debbie said...

Oh no! I so knew that was a sunflower too. My mom had some "cute" baby racoons that would crawl around on her deck. "Cute" until they completely dug out all her potted flowers while we watched in amazement!

*~Dani~* said...

Patricia - truly evil, but I guess he was just trying to live. Or trying to torture me.

Jennifer - so mean. By the time I came home from work the flowers were all dead so I just pulled it and threw it away. The sunflowers know I was sorry.

Debbie - you are so smart! Yep, animals are savages even if they are cute!

Andhari said...

wow BAD RABBIT. I'm sorry it torn apart what you guys have been worked on, not cool. But then it comes as a surprise to see me too since I haven't seen any rabbit just out loose like that. I almost never see stray ones here.

Katelin said...

oh boo on the rabbit, it is so cute but oh such a trouble maker.

Anonymous said...

Jenny and Tape. Tape. Tape. Tape. She should make a blog post about her lifelong obsession with tape.

*~Dani~* said...

Andhari - I havent seen a lot either. We had one at our old condo but I only saw him once in a while. This one is out more often.

Katelin - definitely cute. definitely troublemaker. definitely BOO

Anonymous - you crack me up :)

Living Dees Life said...

now i know what i want to plant in my garden in front! sunflowers :)

i'll make sure to get some "evil bunny repellent" to put around them!

*~Dani~* said...

Blaez - they sure do bring a smile to my face. And the evil rabbit spray seems to work!

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