Thursday, August 20, 2009

Got Junk? I've Got a Lawn

Ever see those trucks driving around that say Got Junk? on them?* If so, could you please send them to my neighbor's house? Really, it is not enough that they have long grass. Friday I came home to this:

Can you see that? It is a pile of junk in the middle of the backyard. B came home and said "did you see the neighbors are cleaning out their garage." No. I never saw a neighbor. In fact, B admitted HE never saw a neighbor but just assumed that was what they were doing. I assumed they found a new storage area. B also informed me that he had sprayed their weeds. Apparently there were weeds behind their garage that were approaching 7 feet tall. Like sunflowers but not at all flowered or pretty.

As of the time we went to bed that night - still no neighbors spotted. Never saw them once. B then declared we should make a date/time stamp so we know how long the junk stays out there. That was last Friday when I arrived home at 5:30 p.m. Also, if you look at the photo carefully you may be able to see the profile of the guy inside his house watching TV while the junk is on the lawn.

The next morning B announces that the neighbors are tearing down their garage. Sure enough, I go to the window and see one guy with a crowbar prying one piece of wood from the garage. I declare "at this rate it will take all year!" and go about my day. A few hours later, it looked like this:

B and I then went to a football game and came back home to find it completely down but not taken away as they had run out of room in the dumpster. Also? They did not clean the entire garage out before demolishing it. I could clearly see (a) a gas can, (b) some fencing, and (c) other bits and pieces you would find in the garage. I guess they didn't want those things. Only the special things were kept in storage, i.e. the lawn.

I also saw the 7 foot dying weeds. Just as tall but dead looking. I wonder if they will demolish those. Come Monday, the lawn looked like this:

It is now Thursday and the lawn looks like this:

Yes, that is the same picture. Why waste energy taking a new one? Also that overturned chair you can see, the white plastic one? It has been overturned on the lawn long before the junk. About two weeks now. In that time period long grassed man has been outside reading or writing, but not turning the chair upright.

Any bets on how long the junk stays on the grass? B thinks they will surely put it in their new garage. I think B is highly optimistic if he thinks there will even be a new garage.

The lawn seems to be working out just fine for their storage needs.

*This might be a local thing, but it is a junk hauling company and that is their tagline. Memorable, obviously.

7 important things being said:

J said...

Wow. They aren't too motivated are they?

j'lynn said...

I so want to see in their house now. I'm curious if they let things lay around in there too or if this is just an outside thing!?! LOL

Living Dees Life said...

you have strange neighbors, but i guess you already knew that...

Debbie said...

Weird. They go thru phases of extreme motivation (knocking down an entire garage at once) to bouts of nothing, letting things get out of hand.

Jennifer said...

Is the garage totally gone now? I bet if you call the city that crap will be off their lawn real quick!

Andhari said...

Weird! They could make money though by making their place a junk yard.

*~Dani~* said...

J - no, unless it comes to making out. They like to do that A LOT.

jlynn - me too and probably.

Blaez - yes, we kind of thought so ourselves...

Debbie - yes, they are a strange bunch but they have moved on to having a foundation poured and strangely, MORE junk in the backyard. Not sure where that came from.

Jennifer - yes, totally gone. Considering I walked past a house today full of dog crap, it seems the city doesnt much care.

Andhari - so true. Maybe that is their plan and they are entreprenuers?

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